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"Thank you for giving me such a special gift. I came to you for a day of painting through intuition and ended up finding my heart and putting it on canvas. It was a wonderful process that you lead me through, holding the space for both of us to be in the moment all day. I highly recommend everyone to do this workshop if you want to see your creative side blossom."

Ross Catlow Brisbane Qld
"The day I spent with Donna creating my painting was amazing. I have never painted, not even at school, as I always took the academic subjects in pursuit of my dream to attend university. When the day finished I literally fell to my knees and cried, as did Donna. It was an amazing transformative experience in which I felt my soul reach out and connect with a force much greater than myself. Thank you, Donna, for facilitating such a beautiful day."

Ellen Lake Brisbane QLD
"Never having painted before, and feeling that I was being far too ambitious, we started. With Donna's guidance and encouragement the creative juices started flowing. Donna has the intuitive ability to extract the artist in all of us. I became totally engrossed in the painting. When complete, I just stood there thinking ‘I painted that!’ My day in the studio was not only about the painting but the creative experience shared between the Master (Donna) and the Student (me). I urge everyone to give it go. I'm hooked and can't wait to learn and create more. Thank you Donna."

Steve Pickersgill Brisbane QLD
"I hadn’t done any painting before. Donna showed me how to get started, how to mix colours, which brushes to use, and more importantly, how to switch on my imagination. She shared many tricks and secrets with me to improve the painting’s quality. I did the whole work on my own though, which I’m very proud of. Donna simply gives advice and encouragement to open your eyes to see it from a different perspective. And you can take your painting home after the workshop and it’s ready to hang on the wall! Donna has definitely woken up a little artist inside me! It was an incredible experience and worth the investment."

Manuela Rieder Brisbane QLD
"I am absolutely amazed at the magical way in which you led us all to our hearts and gently revealed our inner artists. It was a joy and a delight working with you and seeing my painting emerge before my eyes. It was wonderful to see my relationship with the creative process as the painting unfolded. You helped me to feel much more confident of my intuitive abilities, and I can't wait to paint again. You truly are a great teacher. Thank you."

Kristy Chalmers Doc Valley
"Donna took me on a journey into my soul and from that space I created my painting which turned out to be a lion. To have a piece of my soul staring back at me was just amazing. It really made my heart sing. Donna's guidance throughout the weekend was very nurturing. Donna has a gift of making you see your true self and teaches you how to transfer this onto canvas. A truly magical experience, you will discover more than painting!"

Nicole Simmons Brisbane Qld
"My day with Donna in her studio was truly a gift to my creative heart. I hadn’t painted since high school but had a real desire to ‘play with colour and paint’. I learnt some simple techniques that produced great results. The dragon that emerged from the canvas over the day was a truly intuitive creation. Thanks Donna for an amazing day."

Trish Maloy Sydney NSW
"Being a perfectionist and critic, I never meet the high ideals and expectations I set for myself, however this time I intended to let that all go. I wanted to paint but didn’t think I could. But with Donna's awareness, gentle understanding and guidance, I was able to address these issues as I created my first ever 'real' painting. Donna made it a very happy and transformative experience with laughter, music, card readings, painting secrets and more. She helped me through any personality problems that reared up, and to paint from my heart. Thank you Donna, for your wonderful liberating workshop; you showed me how to create from my heart. I was transformed by the process and look forward to painting my heart out onto canvas some more."

Lizzie Devon Brisbane QLD
"Donna's workshop was amazing for someone like me who's not particularly art-friendly. I went from not have a clue what I might paint nor how to paint, to not only having a great painting that I really wanted to paint, but also learning some great techniques. I discovered that I'm quite capable of painting...with a little encouragement. Donna guided me through the how at every step of the way and brought out my creative side. Her patience with me was fantastic! Thank you Donna!"

Mark Pickersgill Brisbane QLD

CONNECTIONS to my heart, to your heart, to the earth
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